S3P: Cooperating on sustainable energy

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, through the Smart Specialisation Platform (S3 Platform) provides support to EU regions and member states in the design and implementation of their research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation. The S3P is also making an open call to cooperate on fields related to sustainable energy – more details below.

Smart Regions Conference

In June, the JRC hosted the Smart Regions Conference in Brussels, providing an opportunity for regions from all over the EU to come and showcase their Smart Specialisation programs. The Conference was the opportunity to highlight the key role of EU regions in developing new growth dynamics for Europe, based on bottom-up entrepreneurship and innovation. It gathered contributions and visions from policy-makers, scholars and practitioners of smart specialisation representing business, research and education, civil society and public sectors.

The setting-up of effective partnerships for co-investing across regions that commit to their smart specialisation priorities was identified as fundamental step to mobilise transformation in priority areas such as energy transition, digital growth, circular economy, agri-food and industrial modernisation.

“…Clear, stable predictable”

At the event, Mr Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President of the European and Commission and Commissioner for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, said:

“Smart specialisation strategies create clear, stable, predictable investment conditions in regions to mobilise public and private research and innovation investments.”

Some of the services provided by the S3 platform include:

  • Guidance material and good practice examples,
  • Research projects to inform strategy formation and policy-making,
  • Peer reviews and mutual learning, and
  • Access to relevant data and information sessions for policy-makers and stakeholders.

The S3 Platform also facilitates inter-regional cooperation among regions with similar smart specialisation priorities.

The S3PEnergy is extending an open invitation to EU regions who orientate their smart specialisation priorities in sustainable energy sectors

Cooperating on energy

Currently, the S3PEnergy is extending an open invitation to EU regions who orientate their smart specialisation priorities in the fields of bioenergy, sustainable construction, smart-grids and marine offshore.

Exercising its bottom-up approach, the S3PEnergy is facilitating cooperation on these specific areas, in response to the interests manifested by participants in the Smart Regions Conference.

Inter-regional cooperation around additional thematic areas would be supported by S3PEnergy upon the request of interested regions. The invitation is available here.

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