Mapping England’s Innovation Activity

Mapping England’s Innovation Activity offers a simple overview of evidenced innovation activity by sector for each LEP.

This tool can be scrutinised in several ways and has been designed to help the reader:

  1. Identify hot and cold spots of innovation activity nationally.
  2. Search sectors to identify areas of peak activity.
  3. Investigate for any particular LEP the sectors they are most active in.
  4. Get a sense of regional activity.
  5. Identify potential partners and potential areas to prioritise investment.

Through the publication of this tool, the Hub wants to encourage informed discussion around the availability and quality of data at local and national level. This mapping is offered only as a starting point, as any attempt to effectively account for innovation assets and capabilities across the country requires the input, insight and the buy-in of local partners.

TitleMapping England's Innovation Activity
Publication DateJune 2017
Published BySmart Specialisation Hub, Beyond Words
Author(s)Dr Etienne Bailey, Lyuba Dmitrova
Format | SizePDF | 1MB