Place Based Productivity Overview: new report

TitlePlace Based Productivity Overview
Publication DateMarch 2018
Published BySmart Specialisation Hub
Author(s)Lyuba Dimitrova, Stuart Thompson
Format | SizePDF | 238 KB

The Smart Specialisation Hub is pleased to announce the release of its new data report, an overview of place-based productivity. Place Based Productivity Overview extends the Hub’s ongoing comparative analysis work to look at sectoral productivity across England and allowing comparison between LEPs. The report is available to download above, or from the Hub’s Library.

Understanding place-based innovation and identifying the potential strengths of local areas is key to increasing growth and productivity. In this mapping, the Hub has produced a benchmark related to productivity – showing that levels of productivity by sector vary more widely than overall figures.

Although the overall figures show that overall productivity tends to decline the further a place is from London, sectoral productivity figures show a more diverse story.

Our intention with this analysis is to assist LEPs and other regional organisations in England in assessing their comparative advantages based on productivity. The report allows the reader to identify which LEPs are hot and cold spots of productivity in particular sectors or alternatively to examine for a particular LEP which sectors are most productive.

This mapping is offered only as a starting point, as any attempt to effectively account for productivity across the country requires the input, insight and the buy-in of local partners. However, it gives a first overview which gives some direction to more detailed investigations at a local level.

The Hub welcomes your feedback on any of its activity. If you have any comments, suggestions, or views on this report, or suggestions on any further analytical work you would like to see, please do get in touch.


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