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North East LEP (NELEP)

The following analyses seek to profile sectoral strengths for the North East LEP (NELEP).
Local Authorities
GVA per annum
Innovate UK sectoral strengths

These over-arching sector indicators are taken from the groupings used in our publication, Mapping England’s Innovation Activity.

These indicators are compiled using a fusion of quantitative and expert-driven data, that makes it possible to compare place-based innovation activity in the manner displayed to the right.

For more information, please refer to Mapping England’s Innovation Activity, available to download from our library.


Emerging and Enabling Technologies38%
Health and Life Sciences44%
Manufacturing and Materials36%

Hub framework innovation strengths

The indicators below are compiled from the Hub’s data framework, which measures innovation involves using a range of indicators to capture the series of inputs (e.g. funding and human capital) and outputs (e.g. knowledge outputs from research, innovative products, services, and processes) that encompass the innovation process, and the interactions between them.

We have then identified the key sectoral strengths from these indicators and displayed them below. Key sectoral strengths in innovative can be identified across research, business, and research-business collaboration in the table below. Sectoral strengths that occur across these categories are positioned next to one another:

Framework indicators Innovation in
Innovation in
Research and business
interaction in innovation
Sectoral strengths
Urban Living,
Architecture, &
Built Environment
Architecture, Building and Planning
Engineering and Technology
Urban Living (Innovate UK
research outputs)
Built Environment
Wholesale retail & motor trades
Energy Energy
Energy storage
Physical sciences Physical sciences
Materials &
Other sci tech
Materials & Manufacturing and
Other Sci and Tech Manufacture
Health &
Medicine & Dentistry
Subjects Allied to Medicine
Life Sciences and Healthcare Health and Social Work
Mathematical and
Computer sciences
Mathematical and
Computer sciences
Basic materials
Basic materials chemistry
Biological sciences,
Agriculture, &
related subjects
Biological Sciences
Veterinary Science + Agriculture
& related subjects
Electronics Photonics &
Electrical Systems
Electronics Photonics & Electrical


You can access and download the the full dataset for all LEPs analysed so far via our Library.

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