Meet the Team: Research Analyst

Next on “Meet the Team” is our Research Analyst, Dr Etienne Bailey. Dr Bailey took the time to explain his role within the Hub, and how he’s formulating the framework for Smart Specialisation in England.

Hard at work on the Smart Specialisation framework

Who am I? What does a Research Analyst do?

I’m Dr Etienne Bailey, and I’m the Research Analyst for the Smart Specialisation Hub. I completed my PhD in 2015, at the University of Exeter, where I examined how and why people accept low-carbon energy sources in the UK.

Recent activities

I’m currently developing the framework that will profile and allow comparison of how innovation currently works across England’s 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).

This framework will allow LEPs to make their own decisions about what each region wants to aim for, or where they want to specialise. This will allow them to become more competitive nationally and globally.

I’m doing this using existing indicators from previous studies, and forms of data analysis. When studied together, these indicators can be used to build a bigger picture of the innovation assets and performance within, and across, geographical areas.

How did I get involved?

Following my PhD, I worked as a post-doctoral research fellow on the Sustainable Grid Development project. I began work on the Smart Specialisation Hub in February 2016, as I find the connections between innovation and human geography really fascinating.

Smart Specialisation interests me, as part of what I do involves finding a way to measure innovation. It’s not a static concept, and there are many factors which make up how it works. Below, I’ve put a couple of examples of these factors:

# Inputs Outputs
1 Funding Research outputs
2 The people who work in an industry or sector Innovative products and services

So, measuring innovation involves attempting to find out what these inputs and outputs are. I then have to find a way that will allow me to compare them in a uniform manner.

More about me

Outside of work, I’m also a cat lover, though I currently live with a dog! I enjoy practising Aikido, a Japanese martial art. I spent two years practising the art in Tokyo, Japan. I discovered it after my undergraduate degree, when I spent three years teaching English abroad.

I’m half French, and I really enjoy the culinary delights of France when I go there to visit family. I’m also an avid musician and guitarist, and I compose music in my free time.


About the author

Etienne is the Research Analyst for the Smart Specialisation Hub. Utilising the analytical skills developed during his PhD, Etienne’s main remit is to provide an evidence base to profile innovation performance both within and across LEPs in England.

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