Meet the Team: Digital Communications Officer

July on the Hub is “Meet the Team” month. We’ll be introducing you to each team member who makes up the Smart Specialisation Team. We’ll be giving you a bit of information about their background, outlining what it is they do and what they have planned. First up, the Digital Communications Officer, Kim MacLean (

Who am I? What does a Digital Communications Officer do?

My name is Kim MacLean, and I am the Digital Communications Officer for the Smart Specialisation Hub.

I have around 6 years of experience in both Communications and Marketing. During this time, I’ve worked for organisations including charities, technology companies and an international publishing company. I’ve been working with the Smart Specialisation Hub since mid-February.

Among other things, I am responsible for Communications strategy for the Hub. Simply put, I’m trying to say the right thing, to the right people, at the right time.

As part of this strategy, I’m responsible for the editorial calendar for the blog. This includes deciding what our main theme is going to be that month, and making sure there’s content to post.

It includes social media content and making sure it drives people to read our blog posts and share them to their circles.

Part of my job is also to support stakeholder engagement. This means that I make sure they have the information they need to talk to external parties such as universities and LEPs.

Recent activities

I’m in charge of website design and content, so I’ve been working on the overall “look” for the Hub website. I’ve also been building up the website and its content.

Right now, I’m working with Etienne, our Research Analyst, to get the framework up on the Hub. We’re looking into a way that presents the information clearly and accurately, so watch this space.

In North Carolina, there is a sign that bears my given and full names. I was very happy to find it.

How did I get involved?

I came into the Smart Specialisation as I felt it was a very interesting project. I was also encouraged to join in as I wanted to develop a communications strategy from the very beginning.

I would love to see Smart Specialisation work, because it’s aimed at giving a commercial and industrial voice to every region across England, rather than relying on “the news from London”. I’m really hoping I can help with that!

More about me

I’m a linguist, by hobby and career – I can speak fluent French and Spanish, and I studied Applied Linguistics for both undergrad and postgrad. Occasionally, I remember how to play the ukelele. Even rarer, I remember how to sing (I passed up to ABRSM Grade 5).

I’m a lover of random historical facts, and nerdiness in general. I also really love dogs, although the closest I currently am to owning one is my parents’ springer spaniel, Nell.

When I was younger, I wanted to be an actress, until I realised I lacked a rather central skill to do so – acting ability.

Get in touch

Half of what makes any project work is knowledge and awareness. Please do help us by helping spread the word about Smart Specialisation.

You can follow us on Twitter – @SmartSpecHub. We also have two preferred hashtags: #smartspec and #smartspecialisation, so feel free to check those out and use them to talk about Smart Spec.

Please also sign up to our mailing list (see the bottom left of this page). We’re currently building a list for a forthcoming newsletter which will keep you up to date on the latest Smart Spec developments in England.

If you would like more information on Comms projects, or to tell us about your involvement with Smart Specialisation, email me, Kim MacLean, on

About the author

Kim is the Digital Communications Officer for the Smart Specialisation Hub.

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