Devolved Administrations’ Innovation Activity

Devolved Administrations’ Innovation Activity expands upon our previous work and extends our comparative analysis to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Local Growth and Innovation #3 – The Industrial Strategy

This webinar looks at the innovation opportunities that have arisen from the white paper and need for local organisations to press ahead with local partnerships.


Mapping England’s Innovation Activity: Refreshed

Mapping England’s Innovation Activity offers an simple overview of evidenced innovation activity by sector for each LEP.

Smart Specialisation Hub
Annual Report 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Annual Report for the Smart Specialisation Hub.

Our second Annual Report demonstrates the continuing relationship between the Hub and the ever-changing landscape of place-based policy.

Local Growth and Innovation #2 – Understanding Science And Innovation Audits (SIAs)

Several SIAs have now been completed or have been launched, with wave 3 imminent. There is still a lack of real awareness across the NHS as to the background to SIAs, the next steps in this process, the true value of SIAs to local economic planning and the geographies involved.


Local Growth And Innovation #1: Bringing Together the Pieces

This webinar provides a brief background to the local growth agenda in England from an innovation perspective and the many strands of policy and funding that are intertwined.


Mapping England’s Innovation Activity

Mapping England’s Innovation Activity offers a simple overview of evidenced innovation activity by sector for each LEP.

Industrial Strategy Green Paper Consultation Response

The Smart Specialisation Hub (the Hub) welcomes the Industrial Strategy Green Paper (ISGP) and the breadth of the pillars from which it is formed.

Annual Report 20167th December 2016

Annual Report 2016

This inaugural Annual Report presents a cross-section of innovative, place-based activity across England, built on the collaborations that Smart Specialisation counts as a defining characteristic.

LEP framework dataset26th October 2016

LEP framework dataset

The full dataset for the Smart Specialisation Hub LEP Framework.

Progress Report: Data Analytics

This Progress Report outlines our analytical framework for Smart Specialisation in England