The NHS Confederation: delivering webinars with impact

As part of our commitment to disseminate information on local growth, the Smart Specialisation Hub uses various communication channels and works with several partners to raise awareness of developments in innovation activity, structural architecture and ecosystems.

At the heart of our pursuit of this agenda is a simple mission: to deliver against our ambition to develop the information base available to local actors, and consistent regionalised understanding of national policies and priorities.

In this vein, we were pleased to accept an invitation to join monthly webinars with the NHS Confederation to jointly brief out relevant measures and instruments which will affect local National Health actors.

Working with the NHS Confederation

The increasing prominence of the Health and Life Sciences – well evidenced in the alacrity with which the relevant sector deal was developed with Government – and the critical mass NHS bodies represent in their places, both within their sector and as the economic weight they represent – make the availability of such knowledge ever more important.

The Hub has worked with Life Sciences and Health representatives before – notably through the Leeds City Region Medtech Science and Innovation Audit, Oxfordshire’s Transformative Technologies equivalent, and in Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough LEP.

This work, however, was specific advice to individual projects and plans; the webinars speak to more general topics, but should provide relevant updates on local innovation to a broad base of NHS organisations.

The webinars so far

So far, the Confederation’s local growth consultant, Michael Wood, and our Policy Manager, Andrew Basu-McGowan, have delivered three webinars introducing:

Their future broadcasts will cover:

  • The advent of UK Research and Innovation,
  • The governance of innovation, particularly in the context of the devolution agenda, and
  • The future of devolved funding, with the implications of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund’s design taking shape.

Keep up to date

If our past webinars with the NHS Confederation are of interest to you, you can listen to the podcast versions, and download the accompanying slide decks via our Publications Library.

If you would like more information on the upcoming webinars, keep an eye out on our events page for registration details, or get in touch with us directly.

Local Growth and Innovation #3 – The Industrial Strategy

This webinar looks at the innovation opportunities that have arisen from the white paper and need for local organisations to press ahead with local partnerships.


Local Growth and Innovation #2 – Understanding Science And Innovation Audits (SIAs)

Several SIAs have now been completed or have been launched, with wave 3 imminent. There is still a lack of real awareness across the NHS as to the background to SIAs, the next steps in this process, the true value of SIAs to local economic planning and the geographies involved.


Local Growth And Innovation #1: Bringing Together the Pieces

This webinar provides a brief background to the local growth agenda in England from an innovation perspective and the many strands of policy and funding that are intertwined.


The Smart Specialisation Hub & Why Universities Should Get Involved

In this webinar Greg Wade, Programme Manager at Universities UK is joined by Andrew Basu-McGowan, ‎Policy Manager at the Smart Specialisation Hub, to introduce the work of the Hub.


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