Provide feedback on our innovation mapping

The Smart Specialisation Hub is seeking feedback on its recently published analysis, Mapping England’s Innovation Activity, from key stakeholders and our wider audience via a short online survey.

We invite you to comment freely on the analysis and encourage feedback, even beyond this current survey phase. You can fill in the survey here until 14th September 2017 at 5pm.

About Mapping England’s Innovation Activity

The stated purpose of Mapping England’s Innovations Activity was threefold:

  1. To allow LEPs to assess their comparative strengths based on activity.
  2. To provide a comparable and evidenced overview of national innovation activity.

We have already received some anecdotal feedback on this analysis, with some interesting and important points being made, but we need – and want – more.

How your feedback will help

The Smart Specialisation Hub is an independent, objective organisation working in place-based innovation. It provides robust evidence to showcase a LEP’s and/or region’s strengths and capabilities across several sectors and industries. We do this by undertaking research and constantly seeking to improve the analysis we provide.

The main purposes of this analysis are:

  • To encourage engagement and discussion around wider innovation data and particularly how it can be improved, and
  • To understand how we can make our comparative data and understanding of the innovation landscape as accurate as possible.

Your feedback on this is particularly important, as we are seeking to formalise these responses to shape future analysis, to address weaknesses in the data while building on its strengths and, crucially, to make it most useful and valuable to you.

The results of this survey will be collated, and will influence future work undertaken by the Smart Specialisation Hub.

Get in touch

If you do have any questions about the survey, or any other aspect of the Hub’s work or current projects, please feel free to contact us.

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